Wrecks in Wetaskiwin

Here are some snapshots of rusting hulks, discarded cars, and mammoth draglines, I took outside of the award-winning Reynolds Museum in Wetaskiwin, Alberta!

Ambiance Exhibition at The Lotus Gallery

My work is currently on display in The Lotus Cafe and Gallery! As part of the gallery’s current exhibition, “Ambiance,” my work joins other local artistic luminaries — Mariam Qureshi, Amaury Fortuna, Cliff Travis, Erik Cheung, Gary Plummer, and Trueman Macdonald.

If you are in Edmonton, near 124th Street, why don’t you stop by and take a look? At the gallery’s cafe, you can also explore the exciting a variety of Persian delicacies on their menu,  or just enjoy an herbal tea!





The New Royal Alberta Museum

The Royal Alberta Museum has reopened! The new, 103A Avenue facility is now among the largest in western Canada! It’s 82,000-square-foot exhibition space is nearly twice the size of its predecessor! Here are just a handful of snapshots I took of the cultural, natural, and living exhibits on display there, now:


My Paintings!

I went through my old and new artwork this weekend!

Here are some photos of my acrylic and mixed-media paintings:

A Short Tour of Calgary

Early this month, I was in Calgary so I could visit a relative, and help my brother set up his booth for the 2018 Horror Con.


I visited  The Glenbow Museum, The Calgary Zoo, Nose Hill Park, and a few other natural areas.

Here are some pictorial highlights of my short stay:


The Lakeside in June

Here are a few pictures I snapped along Alberta Beach and at some nearby lakeside resorts!


Exploring the Wagner Natural Area

I spent a few hours traversing the Wagner Natural Area,  an Alberta Government-owned area of protected land that is open to the public for recreation.

This unique section of unspoiled wilderness is home to a variety of wild orchids, carnivorous plants, amphibians, and large animals, such as white-tailed deer and moose.

This time of year, the trails are best suited to adventurous trekkers who own water-tight boots.

I hope to make a more thorough exploration of the area, when I have time.

Here are a few pictures I took along the way:

Edmonton’s 27th Silver Skate Festival

The Silver Skate Festival is Edmonton’s longest-running celebration of winter-themed sports, arts, culture, and recreation. Here are some visual highlights of this year’s celebration, taken in Edmonton’s scenic, river valley! Best of all, you still have the opportunity to check out the festivities for yourself, as the event runs until February 20th!

You can find more information about the event, here!